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2 Minutes
4 Minutes
  • Southern Adventist University - Checking out the campus, attending a graduation, or just visiting friends or family. We are just a couple miles down the street. 
7 Minutes
  • Summit Softball Complex -  Just a few miles down the main road, have your entire team stay in a home for the price of just one hotel room.
10 Minutes
  • A couple miles from the towns of Collegedale and Ooltewah
    • 24 hour Super Walmart
    • Publix, Food City  Supermakets
    • Multiple Pharmacies and Emergency care facilities
    • Parks, Playgrounds, Dog Park, Walking Trails, Library
    • Wide selection of restaurants to choose from. 

15 Minutes

  • Red Clay State Park - Served as the seat of Cherokee government from 1832 until the forced removal in 1838. The park depicts living conditions of days passed, with events throughout the year celebrating Cherokee history. 
  • Golf Courses - There are excellent golf courses located throughout the Chattanooga area.
20 Minutes
25 Minutes to Downtown Chattanooga
90 Minutes to the Ocoee River
120 Minutes to Atlanta, Knoxville, or Nashville